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Armattan Acro Pod with F1 bottom plate

$29.00 CAD $46.00 CAD

This POD allows for a 90 degree TILT angle! It is designed to best fit a hs1177 camera. The 3D intrusions on these give them a wicked look and feel. 

This POD is designed around the hs1177 camera sold at surveilzone.com and it is designed to fit a micro VTX behind the LED tail lights.  

This POD will fit all the F1-Acro models. It can also fit on any quadcopter with a 45mm mounting solution, such as the CF226, 258 and 355 as well as the V-Tails and Tricopters made by Armattan if you purchase the Universal Plate. In fact, this POD will fit just about every model we have ever produced. 

The carbon fiber parts of the Acro POD are lifetime warrantied by the manufacturer

*Camera not included

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