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Armadillo Pup (4") Frame with IPDB (5v&9v) and Armadillo LED

$75.00 CAD $114.00 CAD

Armattan Armadillo : The Fastest Tank

Armattan needed a unique animal to keep reenforcing its own individuality in the quadcopter space. Armattan, wrought from the dream of tough and survivable models, continues to evolve in offering the Armadillo. In a world ruled by frames that are compromises, Armattan brings a design with synergy, not concession. This fully carbon fiber warrantied frame brings together rigidity, esthetic, FPV functionality, modularity, and performance. The Armadillo frame features a hybrid h frame; however the motor to motor distance lands exactly at the center of your FC, supporting X frame performance in a quad that can carry everything with the smallest footprint.

The Armadillo offers a slim width with an integrated PDB and fully enclosed electronics protection. With 1MM of clearance on each side, flight controllers and VTX’s are entirely enclosed and protected. Your camera is also shielded, mounted, and entirely adjustable. This frame structure allows for HD camera mounting solutions right out of the box so you can record your flights. Exacting tolerances and the industries highest quality carbon fiber ensure you will be flying one of the toughest and fastest models available today. Available as a frame, a DIY kit, or a complete FPV ready RxR build this revolutionary hybrid design is built to both survive and win!

The Armattaan Armadillo Pup offers the same revolutionary design running four inch props.

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