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Armattan SCX 180 Cobalt Frame (4 Inch) Included-PDB V2 and LED

$55.00 CAD $85.00 CAD
Armattan Lite SCX 180- Insane speed : Nice and small. 

The second frame in the Armattan Lite series is here! Continuing to push the envelope in terms of pure race design and function this frame is a worthy predecessor to the SCX 200. The little SCX is set to dominate! Featuring innovative design elements including in frame access to your VTX and protection for your SMA joint the stage is set for ripping speed!  

A smaller footprint that sacrifices nothing in terms of power, speed, or component availability; the 180 SCX can be flown nearly anywhere! Wherever you fly it, you will be going fast.

Available as a frame, a DIY kit, or a complete FPV ready RxR build this small powerhouse will rip the gates and get you across the line first.

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